The Harvest Song

As the warm morning sun made its way through the mist that had engulfed the cool autumn fields, it summoned us to arise and gather the grapes that were ripened by its compassionate eyes.
We marvel at God’s handiwork as we do each summer.  We see it proudly smiling at the sun, inviting us to partake of its bounty.
When we sowed the seeds in the soil last spring, we nurtured the seeds in our hearts, for we arise in our spirit as do the plants on their pilgrimage to the sun, the way of all growth and wisdom.
Goodwill to all is part of God’s universal plan that maintains his vision.  By submitting ourselves to it, we lift up our own spirits.  Every bead of sweat from our brow is as sweet as the fountain of life.  We baptize ourselves as we sing in unison to the joy and divinity of labor.  By our singing, we bind ourselves to each other and to God, for his seed in us wills us to nurture our own growth.
The Harvest Song is dedicated to all who look at labor as a joyous occasion; that we can partake of it in order to reach our soul’s fulfillment and uphold our worth.

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