A Barren Canvas

A Barren Canvas
Forest and plains await thy adornment
The cold dark tundra and naked arms
Their reaching out with constant pleading
With their cries that echo through the hills
“Mother Nature, why hast thou forsaken us?
We’re so ashamed of our nakedness
We’re so in need of thy artistic touch
Please summon the clouds to adorn us
With a white beauty
To cover our naked bodies
Our golden leaves have abandoned us
And left us shivering from the north wind
Our faith is growing fragile
From thy promises unfulfilled
Have mercy upon us.”
Mother Nature, the sympathetic
Painter that she is
In time, caressed the canvas with
Her graceful gestures and
Covered the bare branches with
A glorious white powder
In the form of snow
That glistened in the sun
What a beautiful painting to behold
Time is like the tide that rises and falls
Having patience is an easy feeling
Brought about by submitting ourselves
To flow with it and not having the
Desire to hasten its sequential movement
No matter how long it takes

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