The Incompleteness

What was supposed to be a day of great joy for David, turned out to be a day of suffering. The people at his book signing were buying his books at an alarming rate, but still he was sad. He smiled and thanked them, but yet with a heavy heart. He couldn’t rid himself of that feeling of incompleteness in his soul.
The story had an ending, but to him it was just an obstacle that disrupted the continuation of thought. He suffered from too many ideas that wouldn’t let him finish his novel. Each idea was a segue to another train of thought. The two lovers in his book got married and lived happily ever after, but David’s thoughts didn’t end like that. Their happiness needed more words to describe how they felt. He wanted the words to climb inside of the reader and move his spirit, like the joy he felt when he first saw his newborn daughter. He could give the reader the words, but couldn’t lead him to the threshold of his own happiness. He felt like he was a messenger of truth that couldn’t deliver it.
So many artists, musicians, and writers have to end their train of thought at some time, but they still go on continuing it in their own minds even after the masterpiece was completed. Even though it was, they weren’t.
David went on to live his life with his unfulfilled heart and soul. He made a good living from the sale of his books, but still thought that his life was empty. He thought about his writing as being incomplete, and he was the one who couldn’t deliver the truth.

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