The Proof

The Proof

One fine day, I arrived at the movie theater about two hours before the main feature was to begin.  There was a bookstore nearby.  I had some time to kill, so I went over to see if there were any books to my liking.  In the Christian book section was an elderly lady who displayed an enthusiastic childlike smile from ear to ear.  She approached me and started raving about the Bible and the other wonderful inspirational books that she had read. She was stumbling over her speech like a child does when they talk about something exciting that just happened.
I have seen many people in my life who claim that religion has worked for them and brought them closer to God, but their sadness or doubt deep down inside pulled them away from the joy that it brings.  They try to be good disciples of Christianity, but their body language displays quite the opposite.  They have good intensions, but fall short.  They read the Bible every day, but miss out on the message that it conveys.
The lady wasn’t trying to impress me, because I could see it in her natural enthusiasm. She didn’t care if I thought she was somewhat peculiar.  Her smile brought her real self to the surface, and I got the impression that she didn’t care how anyone reacted to her. She was just a joyful person. From that day at the bookstore, I witnessed what effect the Bible had on someone’s life, and I saw the proof that it does actually work.  From that day on, I read more of the Bible, and found out that it has made my life more meaningful and enjoyable.

This is a true story.

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