The Surfacing

The far beneath and far inside,
a million fathoms and a million miles,
the home of the abyss,
the nothing seen
but everything valued,
treasures hidden in the depths,
eternal engines kicking their feet,
birds of mystery flapping their wings,
Magus lighting up the dark,
internal secrets clawing at the walls,
the heart of the substance
pulsating at a fever pitch,
the mystery of the deep out of view,
curiosity building with each thought,
the arms of intrigue grabbing
a hold of the mind, the body,
the heart, the spirit, the soul,
the beauty inside in
a seductive mood
coming out of its shell
with its eyes of deep oceans,
it’s rose gardens permeating the air,
it’s blood surging through the veins,
it’s music filled with intensity,
it’s many fathoms taking form,
it’s engines running at full capacity,
lighting up the
callous chasms of the soul
with their fiery torches,
prose running at full speed,
the pulse of the music
coming to the surface
as the many fathoms
come into view
revealing their internal secrets,
their touch with infinity,
and their travels in the divine.

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