The Sweetening

Left alone in a languorous breath,
a taste of nothing and nothing left,
a longing of the discontented,
an urgent appeal of the tearful lamented,
of torpid days in need of sweet, sweet air,
riding into the sunset with an earnest prayer,
a flight of the naked sun with a burning desire
to gather up colors and take them even higher,
a sweetening of the air as the jasmine rises,
a stirring in the heavens as the sky mobilizes,
a sweetening of the scent as the roses bloom,
a journey of the flier into heaven’s room,
a breath with a breath to ride upon a dream,
the taking in of a cool fresh mountain stream,
a paradise in Eden as the story goes,
fruits of the orchards lined in alluring rows,
a taste of heaven and the heavenly sins,
wayward thoughts of the smiling cherubins,
a devilish romp in a dream of the common man,
spicing up the day with a sumptuous wonderland,
a sweetening of the taste lying upon his lips,
an invention of the Gods of passion and quips.
Oh, to have that familiar taste to linger,
‘Tis the dream of the smitten common dreamer.

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