The Untouchable

He was born a slum dog with high aspirations, into the lowest caste in India.  His father cleaned the toilets of the rich while his mother took care of his eleven brothers and sisters.
With the money he made from begging in the streets, he made enough to buy a used ricksha.  He then stationed himself in front of lavish hotels, offering rides to wealthy tourists.  He made enough to buy another used one and hire somebody else to pedal it.
Soon after, he could afford to buy brand new motorized ones that could go faster; henceforth, he could make more trips, put more money in his pocket, and keep investing in his business.   He made enough money to live comfortably and buy his family a new house in a better neighborhood.  
Instead of taking his money and moving away, he stayed until he could get his family out of the slums.  His father always had high moral standards, but his label, “Untouchable,” made it impossible for him to get out of his financial situation.  So now his son made it possible for him.
He was a good son of high moral character. His father had planted dreams in his head and always told him that he was better than his social status was.  Poverty purifies one’s heart and morality sanctifies the course to follow, leading to his modest prosperity; therefore, his riches belonged to God and family.  A slum dog he was no more.

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