Contentment, that evasive frame of mind,
That nebulous peace that’s ill-defined,
A peace sought after by the aggressor?
Of riches gained but still not enough?
An unsatisfactory feeling of accomplishment?
A longing for another kind of contentment?
An unclear vision of what to look for?
A consultation with the tranquil mind?
Or the aggressive side that
Conforms to the eternal nature of humankind?
An action upon those feelings?
A cover up that subdues those findings?
An ill-feeling as a result of the cover up?
A desire to release the beast inside?
An unclear picture of what it will do?
A continual ill-at-easement in the soul?
Where reason and passion are ill-defined?
A constant battle in the inquisitive mind?
A peace resolution to the inquiries?
A contentment that will end all discontent?
A definite peace that has its roots
In the ground beneath the tree of divinity?
A faraway place without a map?
A place outside of the comfort zone?
A place where only the sages have reached?
Where the common man will never find?
A place reserved for the holiest of mankind?
Where the peace requires too much effort
To find that permanent place in the soul?
That unwavering, eternal, divine contentment?
Out of reach to the common man?
Where world peace is only a dream of hope?
A world-wide total effort to find the peace?
To know what it is, and how it feels?
A permanent world-wide contentment.

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