Two into One

Angels and devils living together
in one house, in one mind,
a marriage that isn’t a marriage,
but two deities
coming in out of the cold,
climbing inside to live
while there is only room for one
in defiance of any bonding,
a complete separation of ideals,
a utopia alone in its contentment,
a tyrant in hopes of domination
but only in his dreams,
two different people inside,
an island separated by an ocean,
a winter that will never be a summer,
a kindness that will never be unkind,
two different people
conforming to their own ideology,
speaking from two different podiums
but in the same auditorium while
addressing two different audiences.
Angels are angels and devils are devils.
Kindness is not the nicer side of evil,
but the side that lives alone
without any influence from the other.
Beware of the evil inside
when speaking to someone who has
angels and devils living inside.

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