Wellness Demons

The ongoing battles with the wellness demons
are the never-ending wars inside humanity.
The inevitable attacks that never stay away
are of the devil’s arming itself
with spears and battle-axes
to go to war with our internal physician,
our God that functions within us through creation.
It breaks the shell that shelters the spirit of joy
and plucks the strings of the nerve fibers,
spreading its venom rivers throughout
to control human disposition with a surging pain,
breaking their spirit and rendering them helpless.
The attention thieves come to live in the mind,
setting up their camps and plotting their moves,
becoming the new masters of the spirit,
the new internal physician that
dominates the days with misery and grief.
The power of our God.
our intrinsic internal physician
who never tires or loses the battle,
who counts the days of our grief and
promises a brighter future ahead,
brings his remedy to us to drink.
Though bitter it tastes,
the bitterness turns to sweetness when
the devil’s venom starts to
recede and wellness takes up
residence in the human spirit.
All hail to the Our God physician within.

I wrote this with my arthritis killing me in my foot. Since I have the pain, I might as well write about it. It makes it more authentic.

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