Road to Redemption

During a stroll though the woods I came to ponder, what could I do to impress the miss over yonder,
Many ideas started to flow, I felt my panic coming out through my soul,
I would not know what to say, I would probably fail and feel all the dismay.
So here I pray to the gods of the unknown, please let this women come back to my home,
Help me for I am useless, if I fail I will bring myself to the nooses. 
As I went through my lines, but successfully failing every time,
Two birds came to view, the sight was something new.
Two mocking birds appeared to me, but I think my eyes were the only ones to see,
Is my mind playing tricks on me, they replied yes but only to a certain degree.
What could I say to impress?, maybe give it my very best. I will speak with my chest.
The birds replied, Forever alone.
Pondering and Pondering my emotions, what I really need to do is slip her a love potion,
Why must I hurt my self esteem?, but when I look all I see is her timeless pristine.
I could tell her that my heart stops when I look, She would reply please just go read a book,
I hear voice of praise, or is it that my mind is just in a constant shroud of lustful haze,
Visions of walking on the beach, how are these in my head when I have no sense of speech?
No chance for love, Forever alone.
The birds go away and the shadows come out, they talk to me but don’t move about.
The sun goes down my thoughts get deep, then she leaves me in my sleep,
Demons come from beneath the Earth, My love gets carried away in a Hearse.
The passionate me leaves and makes room for darkness, The one thing I wanted is gone into nothingness,
The drinking starts to grow on me, Like the coral that is on the bottom of the deep blue sea.
My brain is losing track of time, The demons have gotten inside my mind.
The demon replies, Possessed
Things make more sense to me now, but I must ask myself how,
My whole life was a dream nothing more, the demons inside me is what I am living for.
Love is a stupid obsession, When really the demons just want possession.
They live off your soul, I wonder how they are still here mine is as empty as a bowl.
Our bond is stronger than steel, nothing can ever help me heal.
Here he comes The Prince of darkness, He may sound convincing but he really is heartless,
But when I question my stipulations so am I, without my heart I would rather die.
Visions of past loves come to recollection, the demons block it out with their possession,
Tears of blood run down my face, every time I look in the mirror all I see is a disgrace. 
It is not only me I see, no it is fire and the demons... and then me.
Depression is taking its toll, the demons told me to start digging a hole,
Is this going to be my grave, who really cares there is nothing left to save.
I would like to say that I have a soul, But my body and mind are no longer whole.
Lying in my grave I start to wonder, could I bring the demons to their own plunder?
Reaching into my back pocket appears a bible, I must read it for my survival.
God replies, Loved.
I open the pages of this book, I feel the demons getting off the hook,
I scream the scripture at the top of my lungs, to them it is the sound of a beating drum.
My blood runs cold, this reminds me of mid-evil times of old,
The pain is terrible, the demons leaving my mind is unbearable,
A soothing calm comes to me, and then god replies to thee. 
I awake in a glorious sight of clouds, my savior said he has never been so proud,
Breaking free from the black of night, I was told I was barely in sight,
Finding this book is what saved my life, and now that I’m here I can see my wife.
There is no worries up here, up in the house of my lord it is so clear!
Our lives are just a test, All anyone can do is to try their very best.
Temptation may come blinded into your story, just don’t let it become one big horror story,
Live like it is your last day, I was lucky at my last moments in life I could pray,
Second chances are not just in fiction, It happens every-time you get into a new addiction.
Bless the lord on his mighty throne, one day every one will realize that is their only home,
Life on earth ends the same for all, Be sure to go out walking tall.


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