Sleepless Nights

Lying there awake at night, thinking that good will come to me with all my might
Things in my life will start to come out right, it just seems so far out of sight
Going through all the bad that could be, seems that nothing good will come of me
Hopefully one day others can see,  not all bad things comes out of thee
Laying in bed I think I will worsen, but deep inside there is still a good person
The sins I have done keeps me in a daze, one day I will emerge from this endless maze
Lost in the wrongs I have done, God still sees me as his son
That is what I hang on to, knowing that he can get me through
Thinking and thinking it will not end, writing down my prayers so I can send
To the man upstairs, this keeps me from pulling out my hairs
Giving me peace of mind, my brain is no longer permanently confined
That simple sense of awe, my frozen heart is starting to thaw
Reading the bible might help me sleep, praise of his name brings me to a slow weep
Eyes grow heavy now, asking myself how
Demons inside frighten at his name, no longer will I play they’re evil game
Sleeping in perfect peace, all my torments are now at a cease


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