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I am the other woman,
I never used to be,
I was your favourite girl,
Ecstatic for all to see.

I am the other woman
A secret from prying eyes
Sneaking round In shadows,
Telling endless lies.

I am the other woman,
I want you to be mine
Knowing you’re with her
A pain I can’t define.

I am the other woman,
I love you all the same,
Deceit and lies mean nothing
In this lovers game.

My best friend is a princess,
don’t you know?
With long golden hair,
skin pure as snow.

She views the world through,
Blazing blue eyes,
And Rose Red lips,
That speak no lies.

My best friend is a princess,
Don’t you know?
With a heart as honest,
As the winds that blow.

She carries herself,
With dignity and poise,
Earning perfect respect,
From glancing boys.

My best friend is a princess,
Don’t you know?
Who loves me as much,
As Stars can glow.

And I love her,
More than words can say,
She taught me to smile again,
Each passing day.

My best friend is a princess,
Don’t you know?
But wistfully it’s time,
To let go.

To say goodbye and,
Ascend that plane,
But it won’t be far-off,
'Til we meet again.


I’m terrified for the day,
When the doors fold,

The flames of essence,
Diminish to ashes,

And the beating of hearts,
Strum no more,

On this spectacle we call life.

I remember the day,
When you boarded that plane,
And left me far behind.

I was proud of you,
Going off on a big adventure,
To find yourself.

We talked a lot,
About the things you’d done,
And things you’d seen.

I missed you terribly,
I wanted you to come home,
But you were happy.

It was nice to see,
How alive traveling made you,
It put me at ease.

I’m saddened to think,
That now you’re back home,
We’ll never be the same.

We used to be as one,
But now we barely even speak,
Travelling changed you.

I am in love with a man.
A man that I shouldn’t love,
A man who broke my heart in to a million shards,
And brought my world crashing down,
A man who now belongs to someone else

And yet I love him,
Despite the heartache
The tears and the hatred,
I love him,
I love him even though I know he cannot be mine

It’s a funny thing, love
A feeling that as a child you dream of drowning in,
But as an adult you learn to fear.
A feeling that once smothered with,
It’s longing, desire and needs,
Grips you tight and shows a great unwillingness
To let you be free.

Love is clever.
It can trick you in to thinking,
You hate your hearts desire,
Or terrify you to the point of isolation.
But love, in all it’s wicked glory,
Goes through life as a misunderstood intention.

Love is beautiful.
A feeling that swells inside you slowly and silently,
Butterflies swarming in your stomach,
Each time your eyes catch 'the one’
Or your mind flits to thoughts of them.

Your heart skips a beat,
Like a broken vinyl record caught on its needle,
With every passionate whisper of their breath,
And your body quivers with desire,
With every touch and every sweet kiss,
From their soft lips.

Love is beautiful.
So wonderful that you would do anything to keep
That love alive.
But love can be bitter.

Being away from 'the one’
Starts a storm of longing and anxiety
A feeling that your vital organs are shutting down
Causing you to pine and long
To be reunited with that necessity of a life Lin.

But too much time together
Becomes unbearable and longing to
Be together turns to
A longing to escape.
To get away for even five minutes.

Shouting, screaming
Crying, fighting
And that jealous monster deep inside
All side effects of love.

Love is a suffocation
A beautifully bitter sweet asphyxiation
Yet we all long and fear to feel it.

But if we fear it so,
Why do we fear a life without it?
Why can we not let go
Of the ones we have loved
But are unwilling to love anymore?

I like to think
That love sticks around to remind us
That 'the one’ made us happy once
That they could  make us happy again
If  in time we can forgive
The hurt and the shattering of hearts.

To love a man
Who is loved by another
In the eyes of god and those that care to pry
Is probably a sin

But love does not
Let you choose 'the one’
Love simply says 'he’s there’

I am in love with a man
A man who makes me laugh
A man who makes me smile
A man who makes me feel love is nothing to fear.

I am in love with a man
Even though he is loved by another
Even though he cannot be mine
I am in love with a man.

It pains me
To see it taking over you,
Your whole body,
Slowly eaten up by its darkness.

I see it now,
Drowning your lungs,
Making it hard,
For you to even gasp for breath.

I want to stop it,
From causing carnage inside,
Suffocating your organs,
Until they relinquish from life.

I hate all of these,
Wires that protrude from your skin,
That mask on your face,
Helping you to grasp on to your soul.

I want to take it,
The darkness from inside,
To drown it and hurt it,
Until its destructive form gives in.

But I can’t,
It’s a stubborn, murderous thing,
This torturous cancer,
Swallowing you from within.

I’m helpless.