Already, The time of birth
and The time of death
were fixed;But also
They comes
With full of dreams
As I open,,
The door of My sore eyes,
Mind mingl’d with the heart,
N’ give birth to them,
One by one.
I ain’t care to them
For their nourishment,
But, Still
The father and mother
Never stop giving birth
Even While I’m sleeping
Unknowingly They do birth
Just Like a Nightfall.
Neither They can bloom
Nor they can live happily
But also They born aiming
“To reached to Gracy’s heart”
Hello air, Listen one time
“They want to die,
On the land of the Gracy’s heart”
So Please aid them to reach’d there;
But Air never do
So, Unwillingly,
Before I fall asleep
I need to murder them
One by one by Crying
ECZ || Tue. 7 Feb 2017

Here ,I portray the "Life of my feeling" for the Gracy after the real love was over being falsity.They simply soon as I open the door of my painful and sore eyes. The result of combination of mind(father) with heart(mother) gives their's birth . They want to reached inside the heart of Gracy and bloom their life's with tranquillity. Don't know what the hell happens to theirs fate ,Rather seeing them suffocating I murdered them one by one before I fall asleep.

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J Ann Crowder
alrededor de 3 años

Very deep and metaphorical. Nice poem friend!

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J Ann Crowder

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