Despite of a small Heart
The love I do was precious
But you didn’t realized;
There is still yo’ name,
your name in my heart;
When the salient engulfed,
Evey 6 beats of my heart
utter your name;
The ear ask’d your voice
and the eyes search you ;
Lips are too weak without yo’ kiss;
My hands also do tremble,
even writing your name;
Sorry my senses
Without her I’m powerless;
I can’t fulfill your needs;
Really I ‘m extremely sorry:’(!!
ECZ || Tuesday,27 December 2016

Sorry My five senses(hands,eyes,nose,ears,lips),I can't fulfill your needs.I guess ya'll forgive me.Because you know without her I be powerless.Now you need to be forgot the past and the things which you have habit of feeling;In 3rd stanza, There 6 beats represent each letter of her name.

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J Ann Crowder
alrededor de 3 años

This is beautiful, as always.

J Ann Crowder
alrededor de 3 años

I'm so happy to see you on here!!!!!!

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