To my beloved father

As I look out of the window, rain drops runs down the window and it reminds me of my broken heart. A tear runs down my cheek as I hold on to you even though I can’t see you or call you.
I hear the wind blows and it reminds me of the storms inside of me that won’t calm.
Oh how I miss you Daddy.
After all these years holding on to you was all I knew but I"ve hurt myself and the people around me.
I made a wish tonight Daddy. Hoping you come visit me in my dreams because I want to say goodbuy for the last time.
I’m ready to let you go but our memories will remain.


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alrededor de 6 años

Sad.As a father to a daughter I dread that I may pop my clogs and miss so much of her life.I love her beyond words.

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