For Kim my big sister who sadly passed away a few years ago
And for my brother Luke who is truly my little bro and he's an amazing man.
This is a poem. Those who know will know its meaning

Standing side by side
So different yet the same
Obvious opposites
Yet finely tuned
A fleeting look
An acknowledgement
They know
They feel it
An equal power
Drives slow but far to fast
Organised and chaos
excited but oh so calm
But they know
What is it they know
A public secret
Deafening in its silence
Never to be spoken
Meaningless yet pivotal  
The priority that waits
Pampered and selfish
Quite opposite but still identical
Old age driving Thier youth
Showing off that they show nothing
But they know
What do they know
The comforting comfort
Definitive proof
That they know
The sanctuary
And they know
They will give nothing if it meant everything
acknowledge the bond
so unique to all
Common all the same
Brother or your sister
I understand you see
and I am sure in the knowledge
That You know!!!!!
Never let go.


To my sister missed Kim never lost
And my lil bro Luke who knows

This is a poem for those who know will get it. Those who don't I hope one day you will know. Knowing is the unwritten laws of unconditional love of our siblings. A look is all you need and from just that glance we know exactly what that look meant and why it was given. It's a kind of telepathy you understand when you feel it

Brother sister sibling love knowing to know

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james matthew coleman
plus de 6 ans


plus de 6 ans

Thanks hope u liked :)

plus de 6 ans

Hope U liked it :)

Najiyah C
plus de 6 ans

He shoots... and he scores!
Nice one!

Amanda Laughman
plus de 6 ans

Nice one. I can relate

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