To compare your smile with a phenomenal sight
Natural wonders illuminating the night
An mazing vision of the brightest of brights
The wonder show of those northern lights.
Eyes that sparkle and seen from so far
Only comparable to the beauty of a star
Hair that smells of the sweetest of sweet
A glimpse of you awards a visual treat
Your mouth with lips not to be missed
Just more perfection that I’ll add to this list
I sneak a peek
A body so sleek
Your spell leaves me weak
Like a magical potion
More breathtaking than the sun setting upon the ocean.
This is just my personal view
An insight as to how I see you.


About my love

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plus de 4 ans

We split now so she won't be hearing it again lol. Onward and upward I say.

Robert L. Martin
plus de 4 ans

She sure would be glad to hear that poem you wrote for her. Nicely done

plus de 4 ans

This is really a very beautiful poem! ❤️❤️it! should have said that the first time!

presque 5 ans


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