Years of blood
A stepfather
More a step dud
False sense surrounds me
Then unexpected
The missiles projected
An ashtray as I suspected
One of onyx just the tonic
Glad it missed
it’s cos he’s pissed
He really has an evil twist
I feel my heckles up
I witness drunken rants
Pissed rage and incoherant chants
Lurking and snide advance but he reallybdoesn’t have a chance
Right up close shouting abuse
close enough to feel him spray as each word soaked my face
throated phlem as he spits I went to bits
My wits Went scitz and abandond me as green phloem  landed in my face
I don’t condone I do condem
I had no choice but to defend
I lost my thought I lost my head
Clarity restored
Red mist fading
Unlike the blood bath that he was laid in
It’s not my fault can’t you see
I lost it proper cos he spat on me
I don’t lash out it makes no sense
It all got rather too intense
Anger should be kept at bay
Tomorrow is a fresh new day
Then I hear the words again
Insulting drunk and proper lame
Ignore him and take the flack
Karma will do return attack
It didnt get better.
My mum would kill him if I’d let her
He’s a proper lout mum kick him out
the need for drinking stops all the thinking
stop this now  It’s like I’m slowly sinking
Now ill admit I’m first to say.
For every action in every way
will come and find you and sure one day
Your soul to take and u must obey
Drunk in life drank to death. Life just thrown away
Rest in peace
Now at least .
As I stand i held out my hand to lead
You To a better land.
I know what went on and I also understand.


Step father. Child. Sad drunk


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over 4 years

Awesome piece! Sad and in raging motion! Very relatable experience. I could only imagine the worst of it. Thanks for sharing.

over 6 years

Thankyou. Sad thing is young people see hear and experience much worse through alcohol abuse. It wrecks lives for those who abuse it and those around the a users. Any experience here is just a taste of life everyday for families of drunken lifestyles. I'm glad you got it and thanks for reading it. You have a great heart

over 6 years

Wow, I am truly sorry if this was ever a reality. I am happy that you were able to express it in writing. Deep and well written.

over 6 years

I got a new one up peeps

over 6 years

Sorry I meant Steven. I spelt ur name wrong

over 6 years

Thanks Stephen its nice to get feedback and even better when positive

over 6 years

terrific piece

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