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This is not the way I bee me ny the way I'm a happy content n lucky man in true life

Who’s me is your me n what can u see
Do I know me.
Do I know how you know me.
Do u know how I see me
How do you see me
Do we see similar when we are looking in the mirror.
Do u care
Do I care
Look close
Who’s me most
Your me or
My me
I’m not sure you know me
I don’t even  know me
The me I thought was me was who I really want to be
Look further and deeper into me
Can u see the same as I  see
What an asshole I came to be
Wish I never met really real me
Life was better with my better me
Maybe lately
If I had just  questioned my integrity
I could have lived in that fantasy
With old me the nice me but thats not me im the nasty real me the man and the person i really did not want to be.

Dark n deep

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over 6 years

True of so many i think

Amanda Laughman
over 6 years

so true, so true

over 6 years

Thankyou I just went with it. Just a look at how a perception differs from their own and that of others. Appreciate ur comments

over 6 years

This is really insightful but also deep stuff


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