From Vergil’s Fourth Georgic

And the cloven waters like a chasm of mountains
Stood, and received him in its mighty portal
And led him through the deep’€™s untrampled fountains
He went in wonder through the path immortal
Of his great Mother and her humid reign
And groves profaned not by the step of mortal
Which sounded as he passed, and lakes which rain
Replenished not girt round by marble caves
‘€˜Wildered by the watery motion of the main
Half '€˜wildered he beheld the bursting waves
Of every stream beneath the mighty earth
Phasis and Lycus which the... sand paves,
[And] The chasm where old Enipeus has its birth
And father Tyber and Anienas[?] glow
And whence Caicus, Mysian stream, comes forth
And rock-resounding Hypanis, and thou
Eridanus who bearest like empire’€™s sign
Two golden horns upon thy taurine brow
Thou than whom none of the streams divine
Through garden-fields and meads with fiercer power,
Burst in their tumult on the purple brine.
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