we all have seconds , minutes ,hours , days , years away from whom we are suppose to be, don't let anybody speed up the process for you.

Take your time,
see they will never understand why.
Your genetic makeup .
They just don’t get this hold up,
see its not the same as theirs.
Unique face, one type of stare.
Nobody knows what that mind knows,
nobody knows what that heart holds.
Nobody has seen what those eyes have.
No one will ever experience what you’ve bared.
I tell you, take your precious time.
Your hour cannot fit mine.
I have my own minutes to count.
I am not bound.
Its yours to waste, its yours to treasure.
This hour glass wont last forever .
Yet take your time and make your mark.
they cannot understand see they too have bad luck.


people often judge about why and how and when and whom , but this is just a little something to say; do your thing at your own rate see everyone has gotten their own rate , and nobody will ever understand yours.


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