From the saying of , a little Birdy told me.

My mind is not the safest dwelling,
for most parts inside me.
Thoughts, fears, pain, misery and betrayal lives here and feeds off of one another like savages.
It’s never quiet in here,
even when I’m lonely.
I carry my heart on my sleeve,
however not my Mind.
It’s dangerous i tell you,
to step inside.
You might die of curiosity
or even just the sound it makes when it cries.
There are different episodes of different kinds. When I broadcast partially, be careful, close your ears, shut your eyes so you won’t die.

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Robert L. Martin
3 months

A beautiful poem of sadness.

Shemené Kok
Shemené Kok
3 months

I hope you are doing well Mr Martin . Thank you poetry is a great expression of self and it often clears my mind .

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