I struck a root
And it turned into a tree;
Made itself a forest
Looking for the birds and bees.
I struck a root
Inviting sheep to come and play,
I ran into a fox
But I let it get away.
I created fire
That the wood could build itself anew;
I planted a seed
To see what time could do.
Everything looks different now
Though the concept’s all the same,
You could cut it down a million times
But the shadows still remain.
I struck a root
That sent a quiver through the tree;
It feels a little lighter now
But it still looks a lot like me .


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más de 6 años

Twisted roots that stand the test of time

Isaac Eustice
más de 6 años

The tree looks like you? Haha good work man.

Cory Garcia
más de 6 años


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