Baby bird hatches from the sanctuary egg.
The world stretches before his eyes and so he starts to beg
His mother, to let him learn how to sing;
She smiles gently, but holds him firmly by the wing
“Now son” says momma, “the world’s a dangerous place.
For every beauty there is one who’ll spit back in your face
I don’t want to see you hurt, don’t want to see you cry.”
“But momma”, says little baby bird, “I want to learn to fly!”
And baby bird gets older, now he’s learned to leave the nest
His momma worries constantly, but knows its for the best
Now again little bird comes home beaten, black and blue;
Momma looks on silently and wonders what to do
And she says, “My son, I know things can get tough.
There’ll be times when you give up, when things just get too rough,
But you gotta grin, stay strong in light of pain
Keep fighting when the times are dark, and learn to earn your grain.”
And baby looks up to his mom, hope reflected in his eyes
She smiles, wipes the tears away, and gives him to the skies
He’ll always be her baby bird, but she has to let him go
To let him learn to fly against the wind, through rain and biting snow.
Baby bird, now fly away, ambition in your eyes
Momma bird will still be here when you feel the need to cry
And if life seems unlivable, remember now this day
As you go out in the world and find your place to stay


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más de 4 años

Really good story. Thanks


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