I tried to climb on mountain high
But a wall got in the way
No way around, and so a trip back down
Cost me another day  
I tried my way back up again
And I almost made the top, but then
An oppressive wind blew me back down
And sent me falling to the ground
Beaten, broken, black and blue
What else for trying could I do?
I pressed on, limping all the way
No words stopped me, what could they say?
I wouldn’t listen anyway.
Forward was all that met my gaze
As I made my way on through the haze
Perchance, I took the time to stop
And looking around, I’d reached the top!
A smile broke out, full and free;
The skies swelled blue with victory!
Yet as I turned slowly around
I shuddered with the sight I found
A shadowed range obscured my view
A mass of challenge come anew
With heavy heart and down-put sigh
I resumed my climb,  ever more high
The thought occurred it may not end
And was it worth it to ascend?
“Oh well,” I shrugged, “at least I’m here
Confronting that which most would fear ”.


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Payne in Pleasure
más de 7 años

Struggling with post traumatic stress, this one speaks volumes to me.


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