I've been in a serious relationship for 3yrs now, with my Sweetie-pie. We met @ a club in Lafayette, LA, called Jules. A local gay bar, that was in the heart of downtown, but alas it shut down shortly after we met. I always think of Fate having a hand in our meeting, because I had sent my longing for a love to love into the universe, & wasn't looking to fall in love when we met. Also I had just driven 8+ hrs from West Texas after visiting relatives & didn't plan on going out. But for some reason I felt the urge to get my dance on & wallah! The rest is history. I get asked quite often about my nationality, but it comes out wrong like ppl asking  "what are you" for which I reply "human & you?" So for those of you curious of my nationality/ethnicity I'm Panamanian, Mexican, African-American & Blackfoot Native American. My mom claims she's got Apache blood as well, but it's just her belief (yet to be confirmed). My grandparents on my mom's side are Swedish & Norwegian, so yeah, my family looks like the League of Nations if you were to see us all gathered at a family reunion. A fitting rainbow of nationalities.

Love, loss love, passion