Beneath the shower of scattered shards
Another glance disregards
The dimming stars above my head
The eyes that meet with yours instead
The pressure fusing with my mind
The sweet release I cannot find
Drained of every precious drop
And still I cannot cease nor stop
The favor shifts with passing dawns
The arrows have fired! The sword is drawn!
A king usurps another queen
While I watch upon a silent screen
Stealing where I left my love
Severing all that I am of
The dueling torture deep within
I don’t know where the fuck I’ve been
Walking alone beneath the moon
Withdrawing again in my cocoon
Flashes of intense emotions
Carrying into empty devotions
Seeing how much there is to give
I cannot leave, I cannot live
I feel alone, I feel insane
I fear I may not still contain
The will to create, the will to write
How did I lose this encompassing light?
Pounding mind and heavy heart
I forgot the love I had for art
Lucid dreams and lost abstractions
The transparency of all my actions
But now I know what it is for
So I can breathe unlike before
To tell another how much I see
Perhaps they’ll look right back at me
I will regain this withered strength
To walk again this measured length
And love will reform the breaking heart
To reunite as I depart
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