The Siren with Empyreal Wings

I felt you there
Wherever it seems to be
That place we go when eyes are closed
And we use our minds to see.
Many hearts were reaching out
Notes left in manifold things
Yet all professed their gratitude
To the siren with empyreal wings
I orchestrated a tune
To deliver such expressions
Yet in due time all was mist
The haze of my lonely obsessions
And what location was this?
Hills with bellies of clouds
The many faces unfamiliar
The moonlit shimmering shrouds
There were no words to speak
Yet did I long to convey
That such silence spawned from fear
Of what I wanted to say
“My heart cannot sustain
Such brief blessings upon my eyes
Though distance makes the heart grow fonder
You are the very sunrise
And if such lips remained elusive
And melded not with mine
Never should I want to wake
From this fabricated design
For here exists a ‘we’
As desire becomes unraveled
And though it’s only of the mind
In mind alone we have traveled
A chill stirred me from such slumber
The arrival of a northern wind
Only illusion, asleep or awake
Remains the condition where I am pinned
But contentment I must feel
For the idea alone should suffice
The symbiosis merely evaporates
The fire and the ice
I heard an enchanting whisper
From the voice where I am drawn
It produced a bittersweet smile
As I rose to greet the dawn


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