Proud journey but so short

Take a look at the leaves
Leaving their mother
For the first time
For a new experience,
Look at them
All slightly crunchy
Dried and old, after
Giving off their rich
Fragrance of cinnamon
And fulfillment
After living their
Whole live trying
To fulfill us
With their natural gift,
After spending most
Of their life in
Just one stance
Feeding on nature
Like themselves
What an irony,
But when their journey
Look at the way
They travel with the
Help of the wind,
Don’t you think they
Want a visit tour–
Like you do,
Don’t you think they
Want a safe place
Where the sun shines
And where the rain-drops
Or shades where they can hide
When the weather is too hot
Or too cold,
Don’t you think?
I don’t know where or
What happens after their
Neither do you!
But all i know is, is
They are filled with
Joy and gifts they possess,
They are quite similar
To you, i’d say
But they love what
They do,
Like most of us
Trust me –they do.



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