Is this it
Is this love or desperation
Is this how it feels to be dunked in the river of lust or to be fed with a bowl of dust
Empty bowl
My heart never really flutters
Neither does my spine tingle
At the start it does
Maybe it’s faded or maybe
It’s cold
Maybe it’s an allergy
That has now be cured
But is it cured by her lips?
Or by her little strokes
Or by the way she smiles
No really
I think I need to see a doctor
Because my spine just tingles
Even just by thinking about it.
Here she is
She doesn’t know that I’m writing
Look at how she raised her eyebrow
Carefully caressing her body with
A coconut oil lotion
She looks confused
As I keep writing
She nodded her head
Now she’s grabbed a coffee
This is all coming together now
Don’t you think?
She moved towards me and spill
The coffee on me
Why is it cold?
And  she kept spilling it on me
Sorry it's mother spilling
Water on me to wake up
I have to go now
it was just a dream
Sorry about that.

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