Life- II

now i can see life
now i know the difference between
life and death and now i know life
is nothing but a box of cereals.
we are all here to drink a
box of cereal
and when you finish drinking your box
of cereal; the gods will help
you clean up
your bowls and if they want and
if you are
lucky enough and if you
drink responsibly, you will help
yourself clean up the bowl
without an interference from
the gods, they will smile along with
you and present
another box of cereal,
make sure you drink
with passion and make sure
your reaction
shows and let your hands
and mouth be put
to action; one day you will not be
a part of those
who gets a box of cereals,
one day the gods
will present more than a box
of cereals,
one day you will loose your
slant and see life
as nothing but a box of cereals.


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