Life at the river bank

children's story

Erin was a lonely girl with
a brave mindset and she lived
with her parent in a grey barn
at omisphere, erin a girl that beholds
beauty and friends
of many flocks with guardian
of every words.
erin was a girl of promise, everywhere
she enters
gloom in delight of her presence.
erin has only three friends named
aki, stade and breth.
aki is a tortoise with black stripe
on her shell, stade
is a goldfish with many personalities,
breth is a
white poodle with a
talented gift.
on a rainy wet day at omisphere,
there was a gust of wind
that the ground would never deny.
erin’s parents cry out for erin, where
erin was, was still unknown meanwhile
erin was with stade and breth at the river
bank near omisphere,
erin was in great distress at the river bank
everyone runs to and fro claiming
for their loved ones while erin is fighting
to get back home with stade and breth.
erin covered herself with stade and breth
inside a small boat in panic and stayed
still for the wind to stop.
erin’s parent flew to every known destination
where erin and her friends
had visited but they could not get a
promising answer where erin, stade and breth
would be.
after two hours of long search and windy
atmosphere, the winds halts and
erin was in distress of getting the boat
up so she can go home to her worried parent.
breth barks and barks for help but
there was noone at the river bank to help,
everyone flew away on intention of
an anticipated flood, erin’s parents
tried to find a clue where erin was
but none seems to be a success.
after three hours of searching
erin’s parent finally found a promising
clue which is aki, erins goldfish.
ein’s parent finally remembers the
reason why erin has a goldfish.
erin have been to the river bank with her
parent where she loved and
where they bought aki.
erin’s parent runs anxiously to the river
bank and shouting out for erin but luckily
after twenty minutes of searching they
finally hear breth barking within their premises
under a boat and as they get closer, the sound
becomes clearer. they helped get the boat
off and was finally reunited again and
erin promised never to go out without
her parent consent.
everyone who lives at the river bank went
back home and believed the flood was nothing
but a false alarm.


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