Love In A Film

Love in a film,
The boy meets the girl in a party
Or in a school or the girl runs into the boy
In a runway, with a slight awkward glance;
They both connect instantly and life is either
Tough for the boy or he swims in wealth and
Never seems to understand love or love
Never had the time to walk to his front yard,
The girl must be a student or an office clerk or a
Nurse or a bartender who spins cup and
Delighted in her ability to spin cups or
Not at all and with many
Guy’s dieing to love her or mostly using in the name
Of love; and seems to meet either way
But love in a film is a mattter of days of perfect
Nonsense, days of going on and on like a lost ant,
And a  device of sadness for whoever
Dreams for a moment as such.
But it is a ripe entertainment
We all love something to make us laugh
Like a fallen cat or an old lady
Or someone whose leg is never stable,
Pure delight for the writers
And more sense of delight for the actors
And actresses, with a sense of accomplishment
For the extras who will never shut up and
A burden to the viewers who will practice
A life based on film.


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