Our Ancestors

We’d hope to say what they meant
   As we have seen them come and go
Sprouting the heart of the lonely with ego
   Cruising the bell and towing the liver of we moan
They’ve pour their wisdom, fears, sadness and griefs on us
   As we live and learn from the gift and fortune we all earn,    
We that had loved them, followed them, honoured them
Cherished their words and mimic them,
  Although deeds will be done and truth will be revealed
But with their knowledge still inspires us
  Ray and stars of their moment they still out-stand more,
Gimmicks and blooming as we’d say!
  Croquet and puppet with the vain of scarcity of labels,
Failed moments and dark rave sense of their days
  But they still learn,
Their words will not rest with the aspiration they failed
 We shall commence,
We shall observe our heart before we master their
 Own thoughts or walk in their foot-steps.


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