Letter to my lovely brother- Darligton

As i have reached the town,
  The town which i thought never exist,
The town; where two blocks are drowned apart
  The town; where more stoned-houses pecks along in peace
And astonish sights of lands, lakes and the
  Mountains are not to be missed,
With the roof-tops chimneys; if i must say!
  I have whispered with the cloud
Claps with the thunder and i have
  Drowned and fell in lust with the day
And the starry night here,
  How marvelous will it be for you to peek!
Just to inhale the strawberry smell of the knackered
Or feel the novelty of a numb finger when its cold,
  Or sweat-off the pain and horror you’ve seen
When it is hot.
  I am wiser and taller now if you’d see me!
Stronger than the past and ease and soft as never,
  You’d burst into laughter or cringe in tears
If you’d see me now.
  You will see me when the dawn is mourned
Or when the path are straight-abreast with the time
  Of the days, months and years to come.


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Cory Garcia
over 7 years


over 7 years

Loool thanks

Najiyah C
over 7 years

Nice man! I can see why you call yourself what others are meant to call you.

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