Why are they dressed in red and white with
A black long fur facing towards the sky and
A gold button parting the blood and light from
Misery of their own existence, and yet so bland
To please; they are slow nature of their own
Creation and they will never speak nor move
Even in distress or squat; when they assumes
They are alone, please just take a gaze at them!
Straight and silent like an heaven call.
How will they cope with the sweat of summer
Or the dripping wet breeze powdered to their face
In winter, i hope to no remorse; when they are
Guarded by their heart desire on earth and in—
Healthy wealth and a cold blooded shield guiding
Them to fortune of their own.


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Cory Garcia
Environ 7 ans

to hope
perchance to dream
the dreams of discontent
and in the silence of the now
preparing for the day
when in the night
they can howl again with their kin
and honor their mother
the moon

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