seal the deal

to every honest girlfriends and housewives

why do you take years in craving
what can’t last?,
perhaps a little bit trust may be relevant
that angry gravy eyes you stare with may
burst in horror!,
while your brain starts fidgeting
i, thinking all you say is “you love me”
do you know what love means?
so all your feelings are hidden!
your breaths smells of liquor, keys jingles every-night
so is that a lie too?
i swim, swim in tears and asking to be loved, every channel and tunnel i go through all i see is people loving each other,
is that a sin?
every whisper you make while am asleep sounds like torture and all those awkward pauses i hate, all i feel all this years is deceit and lies,
i remember when you made me move in with you in haste, so this are your motives?,
i pray thunder strike with anger and your mind willows in
fear! ahahaha  i can imagine you creeping low under your bed with kettle hoosing in loud despair, your mind beating fast like a drum, door creaking in horror and all you see is hallucinations.
that looks like a plan?although, you get up feeling all better the next morning and you go out people saying “good morning”
good morning my foot!
though, all my silents are no meaning but still i heed to people’s warning.
can we change the subject please?!.


its about all those honest girlfriends and housewives, all they ever felt was hate and unloved.


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