A secret is not a secret without meaning, a secret is not a lover that has two concubines.
A secret is not a ghost that knocks on the doors before coming In.
A secret is not a torn sheet or a comparison of two best secrets.
A secret is not a weapon to change the hearts of cards,
A secret is not a third ear and barely has a second ear.
A secret is a thought
Tracks with no running chalk
A secret is a best friend: not best friends.
A secret is a bed to lay on when homeless.
A secret has different meaning,
And it could be shared with an owl, godforbid a parrot, an hummingbird, a cockerel or a snail you can easily crush.
But a secret definitely weighs less once a similar secret is being shared with no filter by the other party

What is your own secret?
Share with a heart of card because it weigh less.

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