The Blind Goose

The blind goose with a solemn heart
White, pure and goes on and on and on
But without the trails of the rest,
All she ever sees was darkness,
Darkness –this long parable and narrow
View and blank of a dark surface,
And all she ever felt was the wind that blows
And the water she floats on and
More of the sunlight she felt,
She never knows the joy we derives
From the view of a tree and the stars,
Moon-light, days or night
How she floats with her long-neck
Wobbling from left to right and up
And forth without any dismay,
She never knows what it feels like
To fly and little does she knows what–
It feels like to be free and lay her
Wings to the sky,
Flapping it with such joy–
To fly to the north, south, east or west
Little do i know where my leg
And my eyes shall go or witness–
In the future but when it does,
I shall float along and i shall feel
The wind and flap my wings
In any dismay or bond in me

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