Look at me, lying on the sofa
 With the thought of money and fame
And my waist-bones cringes
 Of the moves and roads and efforts I’ve made,
Sarcasm, or more like it’  i’d say,
 I’ve seen the lake make effort
To spice itself, so
 I’ve seen the seas erupt and swivel
To show its effect, more of
 I’ve seen white-sided dolphins
Jumping in syncs and slapping
 Their tails just to amaze themselves,
What more of myself have i seen?
 What more of my love have i shared?
What more?
 Perhaps when the wind blows and
The grackle sings marvelously
 With the sun and the moon counting days
Are alive,
I believe; i shall see myself
Because i had foreseen myself.



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Environ 6 ans

i love this <3

Cory Garcia
Environ 6 ans

Nicely done!

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