When change drown us deep

When change drown us deep,
When red roses deceits to gain us love,
When bereaved our utter to reap,
Myself and yourself will be mute nor pleased
Silence will repeat over and never again,
Like when we flown abreast with our
Memory still and he ricochets as we glance
At the silver-stars we thought; was made out of steel!
As the music drowned to halt?
As the feather i use to write love portion
Of my heart gone?
How shall i mourn my true-heart!
How shall i trust again; my lonely world,
Come to visit once more,
Let the drowned change fade to kiss
Or never to hiss once again,
If change was deaf and dumb or blind
Let it feel and gift us through; we plead,
When change drown us deep.


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