to my husband

You speak like music and talk without words.
You move my lips and I close my sapphire eyes.
Air melds our breath in wind.  Just below my
tempered skin there is a girl I never
thought I was.  I breathe you in and find
movement in my limbs, a heart that betrays
timid restraint with vulgar beats that rage,
veins touched by wilderness.  My feet maypole
dance unknown steps.  You teach me that time marks
layers.  Stacking stones like stories you mend
the courses I’ve placed too tightly.
With simple sharing of burdens you hold
my feet to fane.  You don’t try to change the
way that my soul floats like wings when the wind
gusts.  You build a house around me.  We work
side by side, compliments of opposites.
Monogamous catbird tangle my legs,
weave my hair, decorate my life with your delight.

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