I believe in God for the unthinkable
It doesn’t matter where I am
It doesn’t matter who I am
Where am from or where I’ve been
God is working through my mess
And I believe He is the ONLY solution
I believe in God for the unthinkable
Although I have not all that I want
Or all that I need today
I’m not worried about it
‘cause God promised, to provide
I believe in God for the unthinkable
My battles seems never ending
The burdens too much to bear
Nothing seems to add up
But I’ll keep praying
‘cause victory is mine to claim
And today, that’s what I proclaim
I believe in God for the unthinkable
I feel like I’m losing my mind
Because the pressure, oh the pressure is just so much
I’m shocked by so much pain
What’s in it too gain?
I’m not sure but I am compelled by His love
Never to lose my hope
My joy can’t let it slide
God’s love will lift me up
That’s what I believe
I believe in God for the unthinkable
It looks hopeless and dark
An enduring misery
But I –I am not afraid
God is with me, He’ll never leave my side
And though the path seem dark
My God goes before me
He will protect me from the evil one
I believe in God for the unthinkable
I don’t know what tomorrow holds
Today is all I have
My future no man can tell
But I know who holds my hand
I do trust in His guidance
He will lead me to green pastures  
You see, my best is in his hands
I believe in God for the unthinkable
It all seems impossible
It is unthinkable
But God…
He is proficient sufficient and efficient
He is faithful, true
Omnipotent, and Omniscient
Nothing is too difficult for Him
I can’t see what lies ahead
I can’t change my past
I can’t undo the hurt the pain
I can’t run from my shame and guilt
But I can only believe. Hope for the best
Always do my best to be better
Always hope for the future
Stay positive that I can do
Because I have a positive God
A God who can make all things possible
A God who is big enough strong enough
to carry me through every valley, in every storm
Who can transform my life into a living miracle
I believe
Yes, I’m in a mess
I feel lost, worthless, and insufficient
don’t feel like I can make it
Doors are being shut
And-I’m out of options
Now what am I to do?
I can’t go on thinking that I can
when the limit is way beyond my reach
No I’m not a robot
Am neither some kind of superhero
But I have a superhero
I know He’ll rescue me in time
I now rest in peace and in the comfort of His holy presence
because I believe in God for the unthinkable
Copyright © 2015


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