She is a fair brunette girl
Living that “Thug Life”
No one likes her, but she doesn’t think twice.
She Lies and She cheats
She’s an absolute beast
But yet, you still love her.
She’s a whore she’s a slag she’s a walking sti.
Just look, at that sneaky look in her eyes.
Eyes. Eyes the windows to the soul,
She has nothing but a black hole.
She’s not even beautiful, trashy at the least.
But you still love her with every heart-beat.
And it kills me, it kills me, it kills me inside
To know you ARE, wasting your time.
She’ll seduce you like a mermaid
Poison you
you won’t even know what’s just hit.
She will stay to watch your life, fade away.
No mercy. Oh no, she shows no shame.
You left a future for a temporary forever
And I hope that scorns you forever and ever.


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Everyone was new to this at some stage.This site is a great place to learn with many really good poets posting

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