A Metaphor Hunt...

When I write poetry, first I conceptualize
And for hours, and maybe days, I agonize
    To find right words to use
    That will express my views
And if need be, the old Thesaurus, I utilize...
Synonyms and antonyms; I search and improvize
I mouth the sound of words; see if they hypnotize!
    I hunt for a metaphor!
    One I never heard before
Hoping form and substance will synchronize
Then I type into the screen so as to galvanize
Ideas I want to express; the poem to finalize
    Back and forth I go
    Erasures to and fro
Until finally the verses begin to crystallize!
And thus the poets of yesteryears, I idolize
Without tools, the universe they visualize
    They wrote in script
    Till pen tips be stripped
They created beauty; the world they colorize!
Their words paint a picture; they mesmerize
A common Grecian urn, they can immortalize
    Without today’s computer
    Simply pen and ink to paper
Creating gems; hopes and dreams symbolize!!
© Vic A Evora


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