His cellphone flashed “low battery”
While he was driving to the city
And he was overwhelmed with anxiety
For the night was cold and wintry…
He hopes to find wherever he’s going
Before Siri loses battery power
It’s dark, close to the witching hour
And fear has overcome his being…
Anxiety, a deep sense of foreboding
Comes often, when we’re ill-prepared
For the future, and thus scared
Of misfortunes and tempests raging!
Like a driver running out of gas
With a hundred more miles of highway
And the next station so far away…
That what’s left in the tank, must last!
In our winter, we’re naturally anxious
For soon we’d depart, one last time
Hoping to go from mortal to sublime
Wishing, if need be, to rewrite our pages!
Did we lead a good life? Or done enough?
Will good works grant us absolution?
For transgressions, sins of omission…
Making us ready, when winds get rough!
Fortunately, there’s still time to prepare
To undo the wrongs we may have done
To forsake iniquity and the evil one…
To embrace salvation, abandon despair!
Let’s have powered batteries in place;
Let our cars be revved, with gas tanks full;
As we embark to see the everlasting Jewel
To forever be in His loving embrace…
© Vic A Evora ...


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