Young Love

As she turned and saw him staring at her
A blush quickly appeared across her face
Her heart started to beat so much faster
Deep breaths as if she’s been in a chase
  Embarrassed he averted his eyes abruptly
  He’s been gazing at her for quite a time
  She is gorgeous like no other definitely
  Yes, he ogled but then that’s not a crime
So she put on sunglasses to check him out
She glanced his way hoping none will see
She smiled, he’s handsome without a doubt
A choice specimen akin to vintage Chablis
  He turned around in time to see her smile
  All can hear his heartbeat across the aisle
  Is she looking at him behind her glasses?
  If he talked to her, what are his chances?
She sensed the deep intensity in his gaze
It aroused a warmth she hasn’t felt before
A sensation she’d like to feel for always
Exhilarates and yet scares her to the core
  He calmed his nerves, casually smiled back
  He had to be certain her smile was for him
  When she didn’t turn away he had a cardiac
  He grinned ear to ear and his eyes a-gleam
She froze in panic when she saw him come
Wanting to vanish but she’d nowhere to go
The tingly feeling she knows not wherefrom
Kept her immobile to the time he said hello
  He was lightheaded when he approached her
  A feeling akin to an out of body experience
  But when she smiled his heart went aflutter
  His fears overcome by an emotion so intense
She whispered a nervous hello as he sat down
As he talked she’s drawn to him increasingly
His handsome face, twinkling eyes so brown
Gave her goose bumps and she sighed silently
  He’s amazed how she’s stunningly beautiful
  Where was she all his life of twenty years?
  He prayed she’d like him or think he’s cool
  For perhaps it’s time his good luck appears
She’s enthralled with the sound of his voice
The perfect pitch and the words that he used
Cleft chin, dimples and unpretentious poise
In everything his gracious personality oozed
  So by the end of the day Eros’ work is done
  Two unsuspecting victims on the altar of love
  Hearts pierced with arrows; it can’t be undone
  For Aphrodite watches them from the sky above
© Vic A Evora


See, how she leans her cheek upon her hand!
O, that I were a glove upon that hand,
That I might touch that cheek!”
~ William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

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