Four Horsemen

Four dastardly horsemen on the warpath
Thus carnage destruction rain from heaven
On the ground debris and bitter bloodbath
Rockets’ red glare by pure hatred driven
Seeking revenge for all past injustice
While iron-birds spew fire night and even
The oppressed peppered with indignities
Their lands usurped by the occupier
Who says they own it to do as they please
To them bequeathed four thousand years prior
Unfazed by the plight of the downtrodden
Who’ve settled these deserts barren and dire
Aye! for centuries, now they’re forgotten
Surviving in exile in their own land
Victims of fate incredibly rotten
They brandish an eternal covenant
To absolve their seizure of land and shore
With guns aloft, heavy boots in the sand!
Both feel justified in their endeavor
Alas! a conflict to last evermore
Vic Evora

Inspired or rather disheartened by current events. When will it ever end?

Above pictures shows the four horsemen from Revelation.


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