Ode to the Half Moon

‘Twas early winter night, a pregnant half moon
Soon to be full, rose quarter high in the sky,
And illumined the snowfield and frozen lagoon
Otherworldly dreamscape, as far as eagles fly
Vast wonderland gleaming in silv’ry moonlight
Deliciously inviting; like the fabled Lorelei
Pristine snow, untrodden; no sign of blight
And each evergreen cloaked in a frosty shroud;
The panoramic view’s simply a poet’s delight!
Distant hilltops obscured by a mushroom cloud
Thus, giving the snowscape a mysterious air
Yet there’s unease; foreboding screaming aloud
For the scenery’s lifeless, desolate and bare
And the half-moon masks not incipient despair!
©Vic Evora 10-10-2017



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